A few words about us

Brandon and Josh crossed paths in 2018 via Twitter. Brandon would frequently tweet about his real estate acquisitions and transactions. Josh on the other hand was more versed in the stock market based on his experience working in the wealth management industry. 200K Club was founded after the two had a discussion on ways to outreach to others who desired financial freedom. There is a void in the community for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses but lack the necessary mentorship or support system. The two charismatic men truly believe in finding ways to help others succeed while enduring their own journeys. Through the introduction of 200K Club, Brandon and Josh aspire to inspire individuals to chase their dreams in an entrepreneur friendly community.

Joshua Deshields

Joshua Deshields is a Baltimore born entrepreneur. Joshua was introduced to real estate at an early age through his grandfather’s business. Through those first-hand experiences, Joshua realized real estate investing was a lucrative opportunity when operating under the right strategy and completing the necessary research. Josh gained a passion for the stock market through his business classes at North Carolina A&T University. Through these two avenues and other business ventures, Josh intends to build wealth while educating others in his community on the possibilities that exist.

Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones is a young, Memphis born entrepreneur. He got his start a few years ago in real estate. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, he has risen to the occasion time after time to help other young entrepreneurs strive in their perspective fields. His mission is to change lives through hard work, smart work and network.